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Once you’ve been tagged list 6 things you and your muse have in common and 6 things you don’t. Then pass this along to some other people. 

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six things in common 

- got one parent

- sleep for like. two hours. maybe.

- super hella good at snappy remarks

- we’re not really affectionate (like, openly so)

- brown eyes? ?? ?

- we’re in relationships for the long run tbh 

six things not in common 

- uh. we don’t look alike. or similar. at all.

- she’s really really hardworking and no 

- she can sing but not much else; i play piano, flute, trombone

- she probably wouldn’t be on tumblr for several hours every day. i mean, we don’t really know, but i get the feeling.

- she’s so old. well alright not really but i’m fifteen and she’s nineteen and. yeah.

- she isn’t one to appreciate the flowers 

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  ❝Oh. Well, I didn’t mean it like that—!

            it’s a lot easier

                                    to deal with l o n e l i n e s s

                                                            when you pretend

                                                                                    it’s by c h o i c e


  • platonic cuddles
  • mindless touching; a shoulder brush here, a quick side hug there
  • trying not to fall asleep because they aren’t alone but being so tired that they can’t help it
  • being cared for while they’re sick, because they’re so used to taking care of themselves they don’t know how to let anyone else do it 
Anonymous: How do you keep your muse for Tia active?
Hah, well, I dunno if this is exactly the right time to be talking about my active Tia muse because my activity has been absolute shit recently but I think I can answer that! Tia is a character with a lot of potential; she’s very Disney, but she’s incredibly unique, too- not many princesses work like she does and possess her determination and (I’ve got to admit it) relative optimism. I’ve always appreciated that, and it’s influenced how close I am to her. I feel like it’s kind of my duty to do her justice? Besides that, I relate very closely to her, and that really just makes it feel like I’m writing more than roleplaying. It’s as if I just pull my own thoughts, I guess. I don’t lose muse for her very often because that would be a lot like losing my own personality.
(on the flipside of that, I have an incredibly hard time relating Tia to any music or poetry and things like that; I have to pull a lot of my muse for her from previous threads and dash activity. It’s kind of funny, because all my other muses have always been such musing-hogs it’s absurd. Tia is Tia, I guess.)

[; ? ]


                            i don’t have
              time for this.  


    ❝Because time is just pourin’ outta my pockets.
 All I did was ask you a question, but I want it answered.


I sent this to yukoutena but she never recieved it ;__; hopefully it turns out being late like Rita’s was. Welp, here’s lil sailor Tiana!

Anonymous: Why did you decide to play Tiana?

I have the lamest explanation for this, oh my. Okay, so I had this awfully embarrassing personal a while back (nearly a year !!!!) and followed basically every blog with Disney in it. Eventually I followed CDRP’s old Kristoff because, hey, everybody else did. I had absolutely no idea there were roleplay blogs out there. So at some point I realized what they were doing, which wasn’t reblog Frozen edits 24/7 as I’d hoped, and I saw a really interesting opportunity. I was a hecka lame fourteen-year-old and saw this as a chance to make friends and get notoriety for something (I can’t edit for shit; writing was my ticket, you feel?) here. So I took a look at CDRP’s masterlist, hoping for a princess, and discovered that Tia was yet unfilled. She’s my absolute favorite character, princess, animated, female, everything, so I decided to go for it. And it felt like magic when I finally wrote for her, really wrote. I wasn’t coming up with the dialogue; Tia was. All I was doing was letting my fingers move. It was purely luck that she was open and I needed something to do, literally luck gave me Tia.But I’ve stuck with her for so long because it doesn’t honestly feel like I’m roleplaying at all. I’m kind of just doing it, just writing.

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